Monday, June 24, 2013

What is the importance of travel insurance?

There are times when while traveling we meet unforeseen circumstances which might ruin whole our trip. This is where one needs to have travel insurance that can protect a traveller, if any emergency arises when they reach the destination.
Various NY insurance company are there in market that are specialized in providing beneficial travel insurances. However, finding a reliable company is quite a daunting task, due to the fact that there are so many companies in the market.
So, if you are thinking to buy travel insurance then make sure that you get the following benefits from the company with whom you are thinking to sign a policy:
  • Personal benefits: There are times when due to illness or due any other matter trip get canceled. This is where one needs refund of the trip and hence comes the role of insurance policy, where one can easily get the benefits out of it.
  • Refund flight cancellation ticket: Due to bad weather or due to any reason, there are times when airline flight gets canceled. This is where travel policy helps in refunding the cost of plane tickets.
  • Get emergency cash: During the trip, one might have to face accidents and medical emergencies. At that point of time instead of rushing to a bank for cash, one can easily show their policy and avail emergency cash at that point of time.
  • Bankruptcy: If airlines, tour operation files or cruise lines go bankrupt; people who have travel insurance will not lose money as all the expenses would be covered by the insurance company.
  • Natural calamities: Due to severe weather conditions like earth quake, hurricanes or typhoons, travel might lose their money. In such cases, when traveller want to evaluate from the location then at that point of time insurance policy helps the traveller in it, by paying the expenses of the trip of the person.
  • Lost medications: Usually, nowadays all people face health issues and they need to carry medicines with them all the time. But there are situations, when people lose their baggage on the trip that would be containing medicines in it. This is where via the help of travel insurance you can easily fill the emergency prescriptions and get the required medicines right away.
After looking into the benefits, you can now make a decision easily of choosing a New York insurance company that provides you all the mentioned profits, when you need the most.

Monday, June 17, 2013

How online insurance quotes are better option?

Be it car, home, property or any other valuable asset for which you must be requiring insurance, then first thing you need to do is check its online quotes.

Getting online quotes is completely a new way of knowing the details of insurance. Where earlier, calling up a broker was considered a viable option to get the quotes. But gradually, with the immense use of internet, various New York as well as other city insurance company started providing online quotes on their website.

Following are its benefits that made it more popular amongst people:

Fast results: The foremost benefit of online quotes is that it gives fast results via sitting back at home or office. This means one need not have to themselves rush to companies nor call their agents. Thus be it home, auto, life or property insurance; one can get quotes of any type of policy. Moreover, you won't be restricted for availing one or two company quotes; instead you can generate quotation of multiple companies. Therefore, in a short span you can easily get quick results.

Easy access: An insurer just needs to turn on the computer, go online on the insurance company website, fill the form and avail quote- as simple as that! Therefore, via this way one gets away from the hassle of calling each and every insurance company which eventually saves time, as well as proves to be cost effective.

Time saving: likewise availing of quotes is easily accessible, no matter where ever the person is like home or office; on the other hand it is time saving method, as well. Now, people need not have to rush here and there and nor waste their time in calling insurance companies.

Easy comparisons: As discussed above, online helps in getting quotes of variety of policies that too from different insurance agencies. Therefore, one can make easy comparison of quotes with the different companies, as well as with their financial and personal needs.

After knowing the benefits, it becomes quite evident that checking online quotes online is far better option than using old methods of availing quotes.

Therefore, if you, any of your love one or friends are looking for good insurance policy for your home, jewelry, life, auto or property in NY, then you must get away from the old methods of calling broker, instead right away get in touch with a company that provides online insurance quotes.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Steps to file for a claim!

Claim settlement is one of the most complicated processes as insurance companies do not provide claims promptly. However, if taken right steps then this would not left out to be a daunting task for the insurer.

In such situation, insurer needs to call the financial advisor of New York insurance company from whom they have bought the policy.

However, before coming up to the steps of filing a claim, let’s first have a look at the types of claims.

Usually, there are two types of claims:

1. Maturity claim: This claim is provided when the date of the policy has expired. However, in order to have timely settlement, it’s important that the insurer fills the required form and attach the original policy bond along with it and submit it before the maturity date gets over. Subsequently, the NY insurance company would check the documents and after confirming all things are correct then would issue the amount to the insurer containing the amount that was written in the policy.

2. Death claim: This claim is not based on maturity date, rather it is provided to the insurer's family after his or her death. However, process of claiming it is same as that of maturity claims.

Following are four steps to file a claim: There are four simple steps that would definitely be helpful during your process claim.

  • Claim notification: Right away asking for the claim from the insurance company is not the right procedure. Before the maturity date, claimant must submit written intimation to intimate the company for the claim processing. The form intimation form would comprise of policy number, name of the insured, date of death, cause of death, place of death and name of the claimant etc.
  • Documents required for claim: Along with notification, claimant needs to submit required documents along with it like original policy, police FIR, death certificate, records of treatment and discharge forms etc.
  • Submission of documents: In order to have processing of the claim faster, it’s important for the insurer to submit the forms as early as possible. Till the time being documents won't be submitted, the claim would not be processed.
  • Settlement of claim: After all the formalities are being done, insurer would have to wait for about 30 days for the claim to be processed. There are times, when investigation from the insurance company might take place which would delay the procedure. Therefore, insurer must never say a lie as it might take him or her behind bars, if found guilty.