Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Ways to ensure engagement rings!

Engagement rings are the most prized possessions for women which they surely want to pass on to their future generations. For this, they take all those essential measures that help keep it safe for years and years.

Other than preserving & maintaining the stones and quality of ring, there is another way that helps keep the ring safe from thefts or damages i.e. appraising engagement rings.

If you too own a precious diamond ring, then follow below mentioned steps that provide you a quick guide on the steps of availing profitable engagement ring insurance quotes:

  • Foremost thing to be done is clean the ring nicely with a brush and water, so that dirt is removed and stone shines like they have just been engraved.
  • Click pictures of your ring and hire an appraiser who has complete knowledge about the diamond jewelry.
  • Take insurance form and fill the details about the ring.
  • Choose a reliable agent whom you would hand over the form and he would then provide you quotes after looking over the details of the ring.
  • Most of the policies like homeowner, property or renter insurances also cover jewelry in it. So you must ask your agent whether they have such kind of policy, if yes, then you can avail that instead of buying a separate policy and in case, if not, then you can seek for separate insurance plan
However, while seeking for combine insurances make sure that your jewelry is covered for loss, theft and damage because if not then it’s of no use as your main purpose was to get your engagement ring insured. Therefore, bottom line is that seek for a policy that gives you adequate coverage for your ring.
  • Before signing the policy, make sure you get the required sum of the ring or you get the replacement of it (a new diamond ring), if you lose or damage your ring. Along with this, you also need to be sure of that the quoted sum in the form by the agent is according to the current price of market or the price when you had bought the ring.
  • After looking into all the aspects, you must choose a policy that gives you actual cash value of your ring. It would cover the benefits based on the details, with a depreciation deducted from it.
  • Once you are clear with all the things (quotes, price, coverage etc.) with the guidance of your agent choose the type of jewelry plan that would be beneficial to you. Also make sure to attach the photos of ring taken on the very first step after cleaning the ring. Lastly, pay the premiums as your agent would tell you.
If you have recently bought an engagement ring or you own it since so many years, then never miss out getting it insured. In regard to this, you need to first of all look for reasonable engagement ring insurance quotes.

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