Thursday, May 29, 2014

Have you made any financial backup for your loved ones?

Financial planning is essential for the welfare of every individual and his family. When it comes to wealth management, life insurance is of paramount importance. Yet, it is something that is overlooked the most. Individuals are always advised to get themselves covered by one such policy, especially if they happen to be the source of income for others.

The purpose behind life insurance is protection of one’s family, in the event of death of insured. Have you ever given a thought to how your family and loved ones will survive if you were no longer there to offer them financial support?

How would they pay off mortgages, outstanding loans, school, and college fees and basically just fulfill every day necessities, if you suddenly passed away? This is the purpose behind a life insurance policy; to keep your family in the same financial position, and lifestyle without any interruptions, even if the breadwinner of the family loses his life.

The policy is also going to cover cremation and burial expenses after the death which may cost several thousand dollars.

An applicant looking for life insurance coverage will have to submit certain information with his agency. The information is accumulated so that underwriters could assess the degree of risk in providing coverage. This is the information which will be helpful in determining the rate of premium and its limitation.

A beneficiary is the person who is liable to receive the proceeds of policy, in case the insured person dies. The applicant can choose anyone as the beneficiary. It can even be an organization.

You can purchase an insurance policy that would also serve as a type of investment. Now what this would entail is that a part of the premium is sent to the account which is accessible on a later date in future, even if the insured doesn’t die. This way it will work as a savings tool, by accumulating a good amount of wealth which is usable during some emergency such as during an accident, or severe illness.

It is an excellent way of accumulating savings by starting early, even if the person does not have any beneficiary. You are practically going to build up value for the long run and protect yourself financially. To find out which New York insurance company provides the best and most promising policy, one can check out online quotes and compare multiple policies.

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