Friday, July 18, 2014

What damages are covered by Auto insurance in America?

Insurance is a procedure in which you transfer the risk of loss to a company. In the case of loss, this company pays you the exact amount written in the policy. It provides security for you, your house, and your belongings. You can get policy to protect yourself from any kind of damage.

Auto insurance is one of the many types of these policies. It covers the risk of loss of a vehicle such as your car. Company pays you for your loss. Many companies are providing these policies and online business insurance quotes for your knowledge. They provide you a card as a proof.

It mainly covers these major points:

  • Property liability – This part of insurance policy covers the expenses, if you damage someone else’s property such as car, fences, lampposts etc. It will also provide cover if someone else was driving the car with your permission.

  • Physical liability - Legal responsibility of you, if physical injury or property damage is caused to others. If you or your family members that are listed in the policy cause any physical damage to another person, it will be covered by your policy. The company will pay for the treatment of the injuries of driver, other passengers etc.

  • Medical – It provides coverage for the cost of treatments of injuries and rehabilitation caused by an accident. Company will pay for the treatments of your injuries, or for the injuries of driver and other passengers. Sometimes it also includes expenses of funerals.

  • Accident – it covers the expenses if your car is damaged because of a collision with another car. In this case, of accident, company pays the expenses. In some insurance, it also covers any harm caused by potholes.

  • Comprehensive – If your car is damaged because of riot, explosion, fire, theft, or any natural disaster such as earthquake, flood, hail, windstorm etc., the policy will cover it. It also provides coverage for the harm caused by missiles and animal’s contact.

  • UM/UIM coverage – If you were in an accident where other driver hits you and do not have sufficient balance to pay you, your insurance company will pay for your loss. This part provides coverage for two reasons; one is if you or family members are hit by an uninsured driver. Second is if any of you are hit by a hit and run driver.
It is necessary to buy a policy if you lease or rent a car.

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