Thursday, September 4, 2014

What is the liability insurance in the United States?

In the US, there are many types of insurances. Liability insurance is one of the many types. It provides the financial cover on the liabilities of insured person. This coverage applies in those situations, when insured person is liable for some physical or property damage and victim wants to impose a lawsuit.

When the insured person or family members, who are included in his policy, causes harm to other people, then this part of policy applies. This damage can be caused to other person’s property or it can be physical. Usually, it is a part of different insurance covers provided by many companies. In motor, auto, business or other covers, liabilities are included as a default part.

When the victim claims payment for his damages, then this part of policy comes into play. In these situations, the insurance company is liable to pay for the expenses of victim. Company does not make payment to the insured person, but directly to the damaged party. Before the payment, insurer tries to defend their client and his actions. It is necessary for them and also their right. After properly defending their client, they pay the necessary claims.

This type of cover is usually bought by those companies and organizations that might cause harm to others. Companies that are legally responsible for paying the damage expenses take these policies. Sometimes, a defective product made by organization causes harm to people, than it is organization’s legal responsibility. Business owners and manufacturers of different industries buy these policies to get the cover for their liabilities.

It is also a part of other policies. In auto covers, this part provides coverage in those situations when you, your family member or any other person who is included in your contract, harm other people or their property. It takes the legal responsibility for you. In some cases of boat insurances, it will provide coverage for you if some guest gets injured in an accident on your boat. Insurer will pay the medical expenses on your behalf. The guest must be in the boat with owner’s permission.

It is also included in the motorcycle coverage. If the motorcyclist cause bodily or property harm to other people in an accident, then according to the contract, insurer will pay all the expenses for repair and medical treatments. You can get this liability part in your policy from any company that provides liability insurance in New York or any other city.

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