Monday, March 9, 2015

Do you know all the aspects covered in auto insurance policy?

After every three seconds, road accidents occurs at some or the other place. Coverage for the loss can be covered by automobile insurance.
Staying acquaint with rules and regulations of car insurance is necessary, in order to procure benefits of it at times of accident.

If owning a vehicle, have you got insurance for your car? If not, then do buy a coverage plan, if you want insurance company to pay for your losses incurred.

However, searching for a reliable New York auto insurance company is must, in order to obtain beneficial results. Searching web or asking friends can help you contact good insurance company.

Following are some of the basic facts of automobile insurance about which you need to get acquaint with-

- People who are covered under this policy include the insurer, and third party who were injured during the accident. Moreover, insurer vehicle is also covered in the policy.

To enjoy certain benefits of policy, insurer requires paying certain premiums either monthly or yearly. Premiums are based on certain facts like insurer age, gender, driving record, type of policy, type, and cost of vehicle, usage of vehicle like traveling or commercial use.

Liability insurance-
This part of policy also covers the loss for policy owner, the owner's vehicle, and third party losses. This means if insurer met with an accident, his losses occurred during the accident and other person cover is liable to be paid under the insurance policy. Besides covering the cost of car damage, medical expenses are also covered under the car insurance policy.

There are times when insurer is driving someone else’s car. In such case, if he meets with an accident, then insurance company is not liable to pay any losses, until unless person driving the vehicle have car owners insurance policy.

Comprehensive coverage- Besides accidents, car damage can also occur because of theft, vandalism, and weather problem. In such cases also, insurance company is liable to pay for the damages incurred on insurer automobile.

Underinsured coverage-
When faulty party is unable to pay damage to insurer for his injuries and car damages then the insurer’s underinsured coverage policy is beneficial in such case. It will help insurer to get all the pay for loss.

From the above stated points, you must have got an idea what aspects are covered under car insurance policy.

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